Arnold, Ripley Allen

Rank: Major

Unit: F Co, 2d Dragoons

Commissioned: United States Military Academy class of 1838 and appointed from Mississippi.

Date of birth: 17 Jan 1817

Hometown: Missouri

Married: Yes

Campaign: Plains Indian War (pre Civil War)

Died: 6 September 1854

Age at death: 37

Cause of death: Killed by Assistant Surgeon Steiner in a dual

Location of fatality: Fort Graham, Texas (Whitney, Texas)

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Place of interment: Pioneers Rest Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas

Notes: 33rd in his class of 44 graduated cadets. Second Lieut., 2d Dragoons, July 1, 1838. Served: in the Florida War, 1839; on Recruiting service, 1839‑40; in the Florida War, 1839‑40, 1841‑42, being engaged against the Seminole (First Lieut., 2d Dragoons, February. 1, 1841) Indians, in the Rout of Halleck Tustennuggee’s Band in the Big Hammock of Pilaklikaha, Apr. 19, 1842; in garrison at Baton Rouge, (Bvt. Captain, Apr. 19, 1842, for Gallant Conduct in the War against the Florida Indians) La., 1842‑43; on frontier duty at Ft. Jesup, La., 1843‑44, 1844‑45; in Military Occupation of Texas, 1845; on Recruiting service, 1845‑46; in the War with Mexico, 1846‑47, being engaged in the Battle of Palo Alto, May 8, 1846, — and in Battle of Resaca-de‑la‑Palma, May 9, 1846; on (Bvt. Major, May 9, 1846, for Gallant and Meritorious Conduct in the Battles of Palo Alto and Resaca-de‑la‑Palma, Tex.) p723 (Captain, Staff — Asst. Quartermaster, May 11, 1846, to Mar. 10, 1847) Recruiting service, 1847‑48; on frontier duty on march from the Rio (Captain, 2d Dragoons, Aug. 18, 1847)
Grande to Ft. Graham, Tex., 1848‑49, — Ft. Worth, Tex., 1849‑51, — Ft. Graham, Tex., 1851, — Scouting, 1851, — Ft. Graham, Tex., 1851‑52, — Ft. Worth, Tex., 1852, — and Ft. Graham, Tex., 1852; on detached service at Washington, D. C., 1852‑53; and on frontier duty at Ft. Graham, Tex., 1853.