Bingham, Horatio Stowe

Rank: Captain

Unit: C Co, 2d Cavalry

Date of birth: 31 August 1837

Hometown: Quebec, Canada

Campaign: Plains Indian War (post Civil War)

Died: 21 December 1866

Age at death: 29

Cause of death: Killed in action

Location of fatality: Peno Creek, Dakota Territory (Wyoming)

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Place of interment: Custer National Cemetery, Crow Agency in Big Horn County, Montana

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Notes: Fetterman Massacre. On December6, 1866, Bingham and Capt Fetterman left Ft. Phil Kearny with a squad of mounted infantry and 30 soldiers from Company C, 2nd US Cavalry to assist a wood cutting detail that was under attack by Lakota warriors.

It is unknown if it was a misunderstanding of orders or that Bingham disobeyed orders, because he charged far ahead of the command with only a small number of troops. While in pursuit of some of the warriors, Bingham and his men were deployed straight into an ambush. Bingham and a Sgt Bowers were killed in the ambush.

Bingham’s body was later found with over 50 arrows in him. Bingham was first buried at the Ft Phil Kearny post cemetery. After the closure of the fort, Bingham’s body was removed to the Custer National Cemetery.