Collins, Thomas

Rank: Private

Unit: K Co, 2d Dragoons

Reenlisted: September 23, 1844 in Fort Jesup, Louisiana. He was 34. It was his fourth enlistment.

Hometown: Farrington, England

Campaign: Texas Occupation

Died: 18 April 1845

Location of fatality: Fort Jesup, Louisiana,

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Note: Original enlistment was 1833 in Co, 4th Infantry.

2nd enlistment was January 1, 1837 in K Co, 2d Dragoons in New Orleans, Louisiana. He deserted July 21, 1837 and apprehended on July 22, 1837.

3rd enlistment was November 23, 1839 in K Co, 2d Dragoons in Garey’s Ferry, Florida.