Hanna, James

Rank: Sergeant

Unit: F Co, 2d Cavalry

Enlisted: 5th enlistment: March 10, 1864
in Leonardtown, Maryland. He was 38.

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland

Occupation prior to enlistment: Soldier

Campaign: Civil War

Died: 29 August 1864

Age at death: 38 yrs

Cause of death: Died of wounds received in action

Location of fatality: Sandy Hook, Maryland,

Notes: 4th enlistment: June 17, 1861, Fort Laramie,Lieutenant Mizner
3rd enlistment: August 14, 1856, Fort Riley,Lieutenant Wright
2nd enlistment: October 7, 1851, Fort Graham, by Maj. Sibley
Orginial enlisted: November 21, 1846, New York,Lieutenant Sibley