Louys, Peter

Rank: Private

Unit: H Co, 2d Cavalry

Enlisted: September 25, 1876 in Toledo, Ohio. He was 21.

Hometown: Williams County, Ohio

Occupation prior to enlistment: Farmer

Campaign: Plains Indian War (post Civil War)

Died: 7 May 1877

Cause of death: Killed in action by Indians from the Minneconjous tribe

Location of fatality: Muddy Creek, Montana Territory (Lame Deer, Montana)

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Place of interment: Custer National Cemetery, Crow Agency in Big Horn County, Montana (Buried as part of unknown Soldiers)

Note: Lame Deer of the Minneconjous tribe killed four soldiers and wounded nine other from the 2d Cavalry during the Battle of Muddy Creek. 2d Cavalry killed approximately 30 Minneconjous, wounded 20, and captured 40.  The three other casualties were PVT Frank GackowskyPVT Charles Martindale, and PVT Charles Sprencer.