Trout, Harry G

Rank: Captain

Unit: 2d Cavalry

Commissioned: United States Military Academy class of 1886 and appointed from Pennsylvania.

Date of birth: 5 September 1861

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Married: Edith S Burt

Campaign: Philippines

Died: 8 Aug 1905

Age at death: 44

Location of fatality: Camp Stotsenburg, Philippine Islands

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Place of interment: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia

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Notes: 39th in his class of 77 graduated cadets. Second Lieut., 9th Cavalry, July 1, 1886. Served: on frontier duty at Ft. Du Chesne, Utah, Sep. 25, 1886 (on detached service at Ft. Thornburg, Utah, Oct. 2 to Nov. 1, 1886), to June 29, 1888, — and Ft. Washakie, Wy. Military History. — Served: At Fort Washakie, Wyo., to June 3, 1891; (First Lieut. of Cavalry, 2d Cavalry, March 7, 1893) at Fort Robinson, Neb., to May 8, 1893; at Fort Wingate, N. M., to Aug. 10, 1896; at Ft. Riley, Kan., to Aug. 31, 1897; under instruction at the Infantry and Cavalry School, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., Sep. 1, 1897 to April 19, 1898; with regiment at Camp Thomas, Ga., Mobile, Ala., and at Tampa, Fla., to Aug., 1898; at Camp Wikoff, N. Y., to Sept. 9, 1898; on mustering duty at Philadelphia, Pa., to December. 8, 1898; on leave to Jan., 1899; with regiment at Huntsville, Ala., to February., 1899; at Cienfuegos, Cuba, to April, 1899; at Santa Clara, Cuba. Military History. Served: Absent, on leave of absence, January 1 to 8, 1899; Acting Regimental Quartermaster and Commissary, Jan. 20 to March 31; commanding Troop, Jan. 10 to April 7; Acting Regimental Adjutant, March 12 to 15; appointed Squadron Adjutant, April 15; on D. S., at Sagua, Cuba, April 8 to 29; temporarily commanding Troop H, May 2 to December. 31; sick in quarters, Aug. 13 to 19; Post Ordnance Officer, Santa Clara Barracks, Cuba, Jan. 1 to May 28, 1900; temporarily commanding Troop H, Jan. 1 to February. 25; on D. S., with reconnaissance party, February. 22 to March 9; temporarily commanding Troop H, March 12 to May 10; A. W. L., on S. C. of D., May 28 to July 31; on D. S. at Caibarien, Cuba, May 10 to 28 and Aug. 1 to 13; temporarily commanding Troop H, Aug. 11 to Nov. 13; on D. S. at Quemados, Cuba, before Examining Board, from Jan. 24 to 30, 1900; on D. S. with 3d Squadron, 2d Cavalry, at Cienfuegos, Cuba, from February. 2 to March 14; on D. S. at Rowell Barracks, Cuba. (Captain, 2d Cavalry, March 15, 1900) Commanding Troop H, 2d Cavalry, from April 12, at Matanzas, Cuba; rejoined at Matanzas, Cuba, from D. S., April 11. (Transferred from Troop E to Troop H, 2d Cavalry, April 27) Summary Court Officer, July 1 to Sept. 7; on D. S., in connection with Spanish Treaty Claims Commission, from Sept. 8 to Jan. 17, 1902; on D. S. at Bolondron, Cuba, Oct. 28 and 29, 1902; En route from Matanzas, Cuba to Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., from Jan. 18 to 23, commanding Troop H; on D. S. at Fort Columbus, N. Y., March 16; changed station from Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., to Fort Myer, Va., April 16; on D. S. at Gettysburg, Pa., July 7 to 22; commanding Troops G and H, 2d Cavalry, on target range, at Brunswick, Md., from Aug. 2 to 31; on D. S. at Gettysburg, Pa., from Sept. 13 to 27; commanding troop, Jan. 1 to Oct. 26, 1903; sick in quarters, Oct. 26 to Nov. 10; commanding troop, Nov. 10 to 26; A. W. L., Nov. 26 to 29; commanding troop, Nov. 29 to December. 31; commanding troop, Jan. 1 to May 30, 1904; D. S., Division Cavalry Competition, as Chief Range Officer; rejoined from D. S., June 17; commanding troop, from June 17 to July 26; sick in quarters, from p390 July 26 to Aug. 7; commanding troop, from Aug. 7 to Oct. 11; A. W. L., from Oct. 11 to 17; commanding troop, from Oct. 17 to December. 5; on D. S., from December. 5 to 11; commanding troop, from December. 11 to 23; D. S. at Banguis, from December. 23 to 30; commanding troop, December. 31 to Jan. 10; A. W. L., Jan. 10 to June 14; Summary Court and Survey Officer, July 1 to Aug. 8, 1905.